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Hi there!

Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Lauren, and I’m a 23 year old living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I’m the Editor for a company here in Phoenix called Bloguettes, and I absolutely love it! I’m so thankful I get to work for a company where I get to be creative and do what I’m passionate about every day.

I recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Communications. My true passion is writing–I’ve loved it ever since I can remember!

While in college, I became fascinated with the blogging world. I love the idea of being able to have your own space where you can share your passion with others. I think it’s such an amazing way to connect, but also to channel your creativity and find yourself.

As someone who focuses on blogging as a career, you’d think I would have a blog of my own by now. I’ve always had the idea, but haven’t had the courage to start (can anyone relate?). However, I’ve learned that you can’t achieve greatness unless you build up the courage to take that first step, as scary as it can be.

So, here it is! This is where I’ll be sharing a glimpse into my life and the things I’m passionate about. I really hope you enjoy!


Love Lauren Michelle